Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ye Shanghai

Accidentally, a classmate in my photography class learned that i collect bookmarks. He, surprisingly, told me he'll give me some bookmarks his wife brought from China. It was so thoughtful of him especially that we weren't really talking in the class. Anyway, so in the next photography meeting, he got me this. Very Chinese and it's lovely. Below is write-up on its back.

A fitting dress with a high Mandarin collar and equally high slits, the qipao was the height of fashion in the 1030s. Tailored to flatter the slim figures of Shanghainese women, it became the pinnacle of Shanghai's fashion culture and established the city as the fashion center of China. Beautifully dressed, the city's elite would flock to Nanking Theater to watch foreign films. Today, the theater has been renamed Shanghai Concert Hall, home to the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

Despite the modern-day, cosmopolitan landscape known as the Paris of the East, the links to the past remain strong.

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