Saturday, February 6, 2010

Precious Moments

This is a porcelain bookmark i got from Precious Moments kiosk. I thought it's something new to have a bookmark of such material. The print shows a young lady who's holding a cake and standing beside a basket of fruits. Notice the book inside her side pocket, just lovely.

Porcelain derives its present name from old Italian porcellana (cowrie shell) because of its resemblance to the translucent surface of the shell. Porcelain can informally be referred to as "china" in some English-speaking countries, as China was the birth place of porcelain making. Properties associated with porcelain include low permeability and elasticity; considerable strength, hardness, glassiness, brittleness, whiteness, translucence, and resonance; and a high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock.


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