Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tha Black Cat

Isn't he lovely?

I have a thing for black cats. They've got oozing sophistication. I've always wanted to own one. Actually, a neighbor offered his Siberian Black cat to me last January, only i refused because of the lack of space for a feline in our apartment. Not all of my housemates like cats, so that would be a problem. For now, I'll just content myself with an equally adorable Black Cat Bookmark.

A black cat is a feline with black fur. Black cats may be thought of as either good luck or bad. It is not a particular breed of cat and may be mixed or of a specific breed. The all-black pigmentation is equally prevalent in both male and female cats. It is interesting to note that adult black cats cannot have blue eyes.

In literature, The Black Cat is an 1843 short story by American author Edgar Allan Poe. In 2002, Neil Gaiman published a children's novel called Coraline, where one of the characters is a black cat who acts as a wise yet snide guide to the protagonist-Coraline


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