Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Light of Wisdom

This is metal bookmark Brando got me from Powerbooks - one of the few good bookstores in the Philippines. It's not locally made, it's an importation, but i'll group this under Philippines anyway, since we only acquired it here.
It's named "The Light of Wisdom". Check out what's written on its case.

“There is a universe comprises of all kinds of fun, knowledge, venture, romance, passion, vision, wisdom and much more. Enthusiastic patrons may already have realized the joy they may experience in, and the power they can tap from such a universe. Accompanying your expedition in this boundless dimension, this piece of equipment serves as a milestone to register every stop you make along your voyage of acquiring the power of knowledge, the source of intelligence, the light of wisdom, the key to success and anything your quest for in this sublime resource of everything.”

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