Sunday, April 8, 2012

Well, ‘allo! Again.

This is a post from my now-old blog.   
Bookmark Collectors of the Philippines to It’s Called Bookmarking
A few years ago, when I started this blog, me and my friends had a noble plan of putting up an organization that aims to spread our passion for reading and knowledge. We have thought of going to remote places or depressed areas and teach children to read, to write, to read and to love learning in general. We’d make the small projects going by making and selling our own bookmarks and well, from our own pockets. We’ve got it all figured-out since my friends are active members of non-government organizations doing social services such as I’ve mentioned. Unfortunately, it didn’t materialize. Our lives got extremely busy and I hate telling this but the plan was one of the least of our priorities. But that dream still has a space in my heart. I’d still love to do it. 
Now, the point of this entry is to tell you that I’m leaving this blog. It just doesn’t make sense anymore since I’m just blogging as an individual collector. So, I’m moving to a new blog. All entries are transferred to this new blog. Hope to see you there.   
So, now you're here. Welcome to It's Called Bookmarking!

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