Monday, April 9, 2012

Organizing your bookmark collection

So, how do you arrange your bookmark collection? I’m curious what are the other ways to arrange a bookmark collection. The most common would be grouping them by country and theme/subject (films, libraries, tourist destinations, books, authors). I organize mine by country. I get bothered looking a bookmark with non-English writing on them and not be able to recognize what country it came from. I need to know from where it is. Hence, I arrange them by country. When I’ll get better at languages (be able to recognize Catalan from Spanish BMs) or with my memory (which is kinda difficult) and remember from whom or where it came from I’d love to re-arrange my collection to grouping them by theme. 

For now, this is how I arrange and label them.
Some bookmark collectors I have trade BMs with label their trades, especially the non-English ones. Sometimes I asked them to put labels what they are about or, at least, a general description. It shouldn’t be something too much to ask, right? We’d want our trade partners to appreciate our BMs more by somehow having an idea what the scripts on the bookmarks say. So, I keep the labels my exchange partners put in them… just like this.

How about you? How do you arrange your bookmarks?

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