Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm a Buffalo skin

This is a hand painted Buffalo skin bookmark i got from one of the booths in UP Fair - a traditional yearly concert of rock bands at University of the Philippines Diliman. I never thought somebody would have an interest to make a bookmark out of this beast's skin, but hey, why not. For me, it's a very unique and exotic material for a bookmark.

Buffalo, from Greek boubalos, perhaps from bous, cow; see gwou- in Indo-European roots.
Word History: The buffalo is so closely associated with the Wild West that one might assume that its name comes from a Native American word, as is the case with the words moose and skunk. In fact, however, buffalo can probably be traced back by way of one or more of the Romance languages through Late and Classical Latin and ultimately to the Greek word boubalos, meaning "an antelope or a buffalo." The buffalo referred to by the Greek and Latin words was of course not the American one but an Old World mammal, such as the water buffalo of southern Asia. Applied to the North American mammal, buffalo is a misnomer, bison being the preferred term. As far as everyday usage is concerned, however, buffalo, first recorded for the American mammal in 1635, is older than bison, first recorded in 1774.

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