Monday, March 1, 2010

Bookmark Day: March 5

Ok, so I missed the Ist Bookmark Virtual Convention. In the absence of luck, I had a hard time looking for a way how to have Paypal account or something for me to pay and register. Honestly, I don’t have any credit card anymore, I cancelled it. It wasn’t a wise move when I got one. But, I realized the downside of not having one when circumstances like this comes along. Anyway, so much of the credit card thingie.

So I thought I have to wait for quite another while to experience another event for bookmark collectors until I stumbled on THIS BLOG. An American bookmark collector, Monica Schroeder, had a brilliant idea of creating a Bookmark Day. And that day is already fast approaching, it will be on March 15.

Isn’t that great to hear about? I missed something but, surely, another good thing is gonna come. This is what I am looking forward to.

If you’re an author, a bookmark seller, a bookmark blogger and/or a bookmark promoter who wish to donate or sell books and bookmarks, then this is your day. Proceed to this link for further information.

Let’s join the hype and have some fun. This is surely be great.

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